Week Thirteen

For this project, I decided to attempt a craft project. Although I’m used to dealing with a two-dimensional canvas with watercolor and acrylic painting, I’ve never had much experience with crafting anything with my hands, and so I thought that this might be a fun experiment. I decided to work with clay, and settled on polymer clay because of its versatility. I used the book Create anything with Clay (2003) by Sherri Haab and Laure Torres to form the basis of my project; I used the basic advice in the book, but did not follow any specific project outline.

Working in such minute detail was somewhat challenging. Each segment of my caterpillar was about the size of a dime, as illustrated below, and adding the level of detail necessary without smushing the whole thing was difficult. This also made me realize that this might not be the type of project that would go over so well as a library program; the actual process would be one that would mostly appeal to younger patrons, who may lack the manual dexterity to work in this type of medium. High quality polymer clay can also be somewhat expensive, which may not make it a popular choice for many libraries.

20150423_203052 20150423_202639


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